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About Us

At Slimage Diet Clinic, we work with you to provide guidance and help you achieve your Weight Loss goals with the help of balance diet. With a host of health and wellness programs, Dt. Shweta  brings with her years of hard work and practical experience as a consultant Nutritionist working in some of the leading hospitals and clinics. Currently, she is solely managing in Slimage Diet Clinic.
Not only has she been creating awareness about healthy diet, customize meal plans, but has introduced a host of Weight Loss balanced diet Programs as you maintain better health. For those looking to shed the extra kilos, she helps you personally with customized diet charts as per your individual requirement. With a huge array of weight maintenance and balanced diet to maintain wellness, you can mantained good health permanently with SLIMAGE Diet Clinic
We give importance to nutritional diet that not only helps you stay fit, but keeps you healthy considering your specific requirements which vary person to person.

Why Choose Slimage Clinics?

  • Experienced Diet Consultant
  • Experienced Nutritionist
  • Best Ways to Lose Weight with the Help of Balance Diet.
  • Control PCOS Naturally
  • Enjoy the types and amounts of food featured in the diet
  • Want to improve your overall eating habits
  • Lose Weight Plan as per Requirement of your Body
  • Verified, professional staff
  • Weight Loss Programs for Health Diet
  • Complete follow-up & assistance
  • Want to learn how to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits and gain healthy ones
  • Want to improve your health and reduce your health risks by eating balance foods
  • Diet Chart Suggest as Per Your Body Required which varies person to person

Our consultants recommends and plans specialized food charts and nutritional diet plan to help you balance the recommended calories.
We have numerous success person where our patrons have lost over *kg in a month with the weight management programs & balance diet . Usually there is a steady reduction of weight depending upon your requirement.
With an increase in sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet, obesity is a bane that needs to be curbed. The importance of balanced diet, proper food is about living healthy, enhancing fitness and looking good. At our nutritional and wellness diet clinic, we discuss individual requirements and then formulate a diet chart that helps you eat well to stay well.
We have a global clientele and online weight management and nutritional diet programs which try to help u to Weight Loss with help of customized meal planning, Online Assistance & we have our Slimage Diet Clinic  at Punjabi Bagh New Delhi.


Diet tip of the day

Apple are delicious source of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber helps aid digestion & promotes Weight Loss