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Awarded as the 'Most Efficient Diet Clinic in Delhi' in 2015, Slimage Diet Clinic believes that healthy living doesn't require you to reduce your diet, but simply eat right. We, under the guidance of Dt. Shweta Diwan, aim at providing guidance and helping you achieve your fitness goals with effective diet plans specially designed for you.

With a plethora of health and wellness program to offer, Dt. Shweta Diwan, honoured with 'Best Dietician in Delhi' Award of 2016 by Indian Healthcare and ‘International Excellence Award for Best Dietician in North India’ of 2017, puts in her years of hard work and dedication in working and preparing best diet plans every day without much modifications in kitchen features and present meals. Her brainchild 'Slimage' is not just a diet clinic providing you with the help to achieve your fitness goals, but also a boon for the patients with its disease reversals.

A large count of people considers nutritionists and dietitians only about weight loss and weight gain. Be that as it may, but from her years of practical experience as a Consultant Nutritionist in some of the leading hospitals and clinics, Dt. Shweta can safely claim it to be far from being true. A major part of her role includes suggesting dietary and lifestyle transformations for patients with various illnesses. We provide a wide range of diets for the suitable patients, namely Diets for Kidney Disorder, Liver Disorder, Arthritis, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Gastric Problems, Diabetes, Gluten Allergy, Thyroid, Insomnia, PCOD, Cholesterol, Heart Diseases, Pregnancy Diets, Lactation Diets, Menopause Diets, Diets for Children, Elderly, Students, Weight Management Diets and Weight Loss and Weight Gain Diets.

Healthy Diet Clinic in Delhi

Not only have we been creating awareness about healthy diet with customized meal plans, but also we have introduced a host of Weight Loss balanced diet programs as you maintain better health. For those looking to shed the extra kilos, we help you personally with customized diet charts as per your individual requirement. With a huge array of weight maintenance and balanced diet to maintain wellness, you can maintain a good health permanently with us.


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